Melanie Crew - Until The End EP 
Melanie Crew - Until The End EP

Release Date: Out Now

So much of what I get sent these days is packaged as 'new', 'fresh' or 'emerging' but the truth of the matter is that it has come through a PR Agency or direct from a record label who represent the very fact that these artists have had at least a little investment already. London singer-songwriter Melanie Crew feels much more like the real thing. For example, the opening song of this 6 track collection, 'Hiding Away', is a timid, gently probing song with an acoustic guitar that occasionally falls out of tune and a tambourine that is far too high in the mix - but I love it. There is a purity to Crew's voice and an innocence to her guitar playing that makes the listener feel privileged just be listening in, especially on the child-like waltz of 'Finding A Place'.  

If you fondly remember the delicate vocal of Stina Nordenstam on her hit 'Little Star' and combine that with the imagery of the film Amelie then you will enjoy the St Etienne meets Belle & Sebastian beauty of 'Do You Know?'. 'Take Me Back', on the other hand, channels some Pulp melodies and a long-lost acoustic Dubstar demo as the vocals layer up beautifully over the top of that simple but effective guitar refrain. We're waltzing again on 'With You' with its East European vibe before the EP closes off with 'Waiting For Someone' - the most indie lullaby you'll ever hear that could have been a softly sung ditty from the 1940s which would only be improved by making this a duet with Nick Cave. This is the very epitome of why I write this blog, to connect with music at all levels and to find a talent like Melanie Crew who I can now follow and, hopefully, watch steadily rise to the acclaim she richly deserves. Now pour yourself a drink that makes you feel warm inside, wrap yourself in a blanket and let this EP fill up your emotional cup.

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