Lana Del Ray - High By The Beach (Polydor Records) 
Lana Del Ray - High By The Beach

Release Date: Out Now

The enigmatic talent of Lana Del Ray is one I've never quite managed to immerse myself in but, nevertheless, I still get that pang of excitement and intrigue whenever I see her name pop up with a new track. This new single ,'High By The Beach', comes from a starting point of having a beautifully exotic and cinematic piece of artwork which is a part of the single release so often overlooked these days. The music itself is light, airy and sparse but, when played over the video, there is a sense of enormous space and horizon to this tune. This is music to listen to while staring out at an endless sea while the sand works its way in between your toes and the warm breeze teases your hair. The trademark breathy vocals are in full effect while the subdued melodies and subtle beats barely edge the song along. So, I'm still not in love with Lana but she continues to intrigue and inspire which is more than most artists can manage in an entire career.

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