Forever Still - Awake The Fire 
Forever Still - Awake The Fire

Release Date: Out Now

Some songs make you want to dance, some songs make you want have sex, some songs make you want to scream and some songs make you want to cry. This song, the new single from Danish rockers Forever Still, makes me want to drive a cool car in to the sunset whilst giving the world I'm leaving behind the finger. 'Awake The Fire' is a relentless, high energy and unapologetic piece of rock'n'roll excess all topped off with the powerfully slick vocals of frontwoman Maja. I would say this is a guilty pleasure but I'm enjoying too much to feel any guilt so I'll just call it a few minutes of pure hedonism with swirling guitars, sledgehammer drums and a grinding bass line that don't give your senses a break. From the looks of the video they put a lot of energy in to their performances as well so, y'know, get down the front and worship at the altar of Forever Still in the church of Rock.

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25th October - Black Mass Festival, Sheffield

20th November - Rock At Sea Hardrock, Stockholm