Coast To Coast - Empty 
Coast To Coast - Empty

Release Date: Out Now

Easycore. Easycore. It's a new one on me, as far as genres go, but when it's coupled with pop-punk I can kinda see what these guys are going for. Coast To Coast are a sextet (no sniggering, it's a real word) from the wilds of Nagoya in Japan where Easycore is surely all the rage. 'Empty' is the new single from these chaps and it is certainly a powerful slice guitar driven alt-pop with the dual vocals of Matty and Brent giving the sound another layer altogether. This is a real gang mentality tune with each 'gang member' adding their own layer and element of personality to the song as choppy guitars collide with pounding guitars and a real sense of purpose. This isn't the most original or catchy song I've heard this year but it sure is powerful and I can only  imagine these guys perform some serious force when they are all crammed on to a stage together.

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Live Dates:

5th September - Reflect Studio, Nagoya
19th September - Shibuya The Game, Tokyo
20th September - Sakae Party'z, Nagoya
24th September - Imaike 3-Star, Nagoya

26th September - WOW!, Fukuoka