Amanda Hicks - You're Not The One 
Amanda Hicks - You're Not The One

Release Date: Out Now

I went to a party once where you had to go as someone famous from your home town. I went as Sir Francis Drake and a friend of mine, from Stevenage, went a Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout. The reason? Because Stevenage has more roundabouts than the average British town. Now, Amanda Hicks is also from Stevenage and may be hoping that future Stevenagians will be dressing up as her at similar parties. 'You're Not The One' is an instantly chilled and soulful slow jam that has a touch of the Joss Stone's about it as Hicks stretches her vocal range atop some soft keys, a shuffling beat and some gentle guitar playing. There's no question that Hicks possesses a velvety, sensual voice that is soothing on the ears but the song is not particularly noteworthy so I don't think anyone will be dressing up as this songstress just yet. There will be an awful lot of people aspiring to sound like Amanda Hicks though and that's not a bad place to start for a singer.

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