Tosin 'Ewa' Alonge - Freedom/Mumbaka 
Tosin 'Ewa' Alonge - Freedom/Mumbaka

Release Date: Out Now

This is my absolute favourite way to come across new artists, I think. Forget the hype machine, forget the trendy PR companies and the hotly tipped London gigs. I just love getting sent a couple of tunes that an artist has put together, maybe with a little self shot video, and sent over with very little else - not even a Twitter account. Bliss. So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Tosin 'Ewa' Alonge, a singer-songwriter from Nigeria making some inroads in to the music world. The first of these two tracks, 'Freedom', shows a mellow, soulful side to this artist and despite the poor recording quality there is plenty here to get excited about. From the picked guitar to the steadily emerging horns and saxophone, it's all promising stuff but it's Alonge's voice, full of passion and a sense of soul, that stands out as she sings of revolution and freedom for her nation. 'Mambuka' is the stronger of the two tunes, though, as Alonge lets loose her unique guitar playing style which gives her voice a more steady platform from which to take flight. Soulful, bluesy, chilled out but with a sense of fun and a big, full heart full of love. Again, the recording quality is a bit sketchy but the song and talent is there which is what really matters. Finally, a genuinely fresh and engaging talent that is completely unfettered by the machinations of the music industry - if such a thing still exists.

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