Tim Muddiman & The Strange - Rolling Stones 
Tim Muddiman & The Strange - Rolling Stones

Release Date: Out Now

Tim Muddiman seems to have his fingers in a number of musical pies, pies belonging to the likes of Gary Numan and Pop Will Eat Itself but with ingredients supplied by Muddiman from his organic vineyard of melodies. This project, however, sees Muddiman having full control over the pie making experience and new single 'Rolling Stones' is fresh from the oven. Middle Eastern references in the opening strains are followed by a swaggering, leather clad riff that is up to no good and determined to have a little fun. Or maybe a lot of fun. The Numan meets Depeche Mode influences are front and centre and if you close your eyes you can just picture a moody, determined montage of an assassin preparing for one last kill. It's probably Liam Neeson. This is moody, gloriously stylish and well produced stuff so, y'know, get involved.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/timmuddimanband