Those Handsome Animals - Hits EP 
Those Handsome Animals - Hits EP

Release Date: Out Now

It takes a certain sense of humour, arrogance and attitude to chuck out an EP early in your career called 'Hits' but that's exactly what London lads Those Handsome Animals have done (great band name by the way). There's a travelling theme to the four tracks on this collection that begins with 'Home Pt. 1', a tune that crashes in all drunk and disorderly inspired by the Sex Pistols, the Who and numerous West Coast punk bands. The intro is perhaps a little long but when the song finally gets going it settles in to something more akin to the Killers or Young Knives with raw production qualities and a sense of that lost hope that seems to prevalent within British kids these days. 'Away Again' is up next and has a bluster about it that is hard to ignore as delicate notes are bombed by big distorted guitars that puts in me in mind of something existing between the worlds of Maximo Park, the Rakes and the Futureheads.

On 'Right For The City' the quartet hit their stride and by now you can revel in the scratchy chords, tinny cymbals and seat of the pants vocal performances that care not for slickness or autotune (thank the lord). 'Doing Fine' closes things off and seals the deal for me as Those Handsome Animals show that they have perfectly mastered the blend of US Garage and English Indie to make a potent and probably barely legal concoction that I am starting to get a buzz off. The itchy, nervous energy in each of the songs suggest the live shows will sweaty, excited and slightly awkward affairs but then so was my sex life when I was a teenager and that turned out OK, right? RIGHT? Right. Anyway, get these guys on your radar as they will be being critically acclaimed before you know it.

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