The Magnettes - Sore Feet & Heartbeats 
The Magnettes - Sore Feet & Heartbeats

Release Date: 6th July 2015

So imagine, if you will, that the female half of Abba had a couple of daughters who went off the rails fuelled by a trust fund and the burden of being daughters of pop royalty. Then, one day, high on schnapps and teenage bitterness they stumble across their mothers' home studio and decide to bash out some 'ironic' electro pop. 'Sore Feet & Heartbeats' is the result of said ironic jam but the problem they fail completely as this is a genuinely great indie-electro-pop tune with sass, class and a misleading lightness. The beats and bass bounce while the melodies floats airily through the summer air giving the honey roasted harmonies of Sanna and Rebecka space to soar. The defiance of the lyrics ("Let's forget about the others cos they're not worth our time") adds a little sourness to an otherwise sweet tune and seals this Swedish duo as a quality act to take seriously...but not too seriously.

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