The Holy Orders - The Deuce Of Hearts (Mono Sound Records) 
The Holy Orders - The Deuce Of Hearts

Release Date: Out Now

What is it about playing cards and rock'n'roll that is so inextricably linked? I mean, we all know about the 'Ace of Spades' but nobody ever sings about playing dominoes, backgammon or a nice game of Risk do they? Ah well, one day perhaps. In the meantime, Kingston-Upon-Hull quartet are keeping up the tradition with 'The Deuce Of Hearts' and we should be glad. A scratchy, Manics inspired riff gets things going before the song settles in to a slow but determined rhythm that swaggers with the rough edged panache of a bum drinking from a stolen bottle of Moet. This is a booze soaked, skin of the teeth ballad that the Pogues would be proud of as the vocals get increasingly desperate and the guitars pummel your every sense, building to an inevitable and unstoppable conclusion. Lo-fi isn't quite the word for this but rough diamond seems closer to the truth. No wait, rough diamond white. That's better.

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Live Dates:

8th August - The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich
15th August - Rewind, Wrexham
21st August - The Hop, Wakefield
28th August - Verve Bar, Leeds

29th August - Music Lounge, Stockton