The Bluebook Project - Hurricane Blues 
The Bluebook Project - Hurricane Blues

Release Date: Out Now

Bedfordshire's The Bluebook Project are unleashing the wonderfully titled 'Hurricane Blues' on the world and the world had better beware. The quartet kick things off with a Louis XIV beat, some scuzzy guitars are thrown in to the mix and then the bastard child of the Rolling Stones and Queens Of The Stone Age is born in to the world, kicking and screaming (probably drinking and smoking too). As a lead track from an EP this is as strong as it gets with absolutely no let up in the rock'n'roll intensity which has flavours of Jake Bugg in the vocals, the View in the attitude and Arctic Monkeys in the raw confidence. The production is perfectly poised on the line between raw and polished, the energy seeps out of the speakers and you can't help but be swept up in the sheer, unbridled joy of it all. That is the only odd thing about a song with 'Blues' in the title, it's actually pretty euphoric. Go figure.

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