Stillhound - Think This Way 
Stillhound - Think This Way

Release Date: Out Now

The video for this new single from Scottish quartet Stillhound seems to depict families having a day out at the ruins of a castle while a moss faced man looms eerily in the background. It's a bit odd. Musically, however, 'Think This Way' sits in the electro-pop meets shoegaze slice of the Venn diagram with influences like Everything Everything, Dutch Uncles and New Order mingling with more traditional indie acts like Embrace or Ride. However, what makes this track really stand out is the way it builds to a euphoric crescendo like a club slaying trance hit ready to drop like a bomb on Ibiza. With the likes of Years & Years making headway with a similar style at the moment you could see Stillhound following suit very easily indeed.

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