Slow Riot - City Of Culture (Straight Lines Are Fine) 
Slow Riot - City Of Culture

Release Date: 10th July 2015

I went to Limerick once and was told by the people I was there to see that I shouldn't hang around and should just get on the first bus out of there. Seems a little at odds, then, that trio Slow Riot (who hail from Limerick) have a single by the name of 'City Of Culture' but then again they make yoghurt out of culture don't they? The song itself is a sped up race through city streets at night with a bass line that doesn't just throb but actually spits blood from the seams. The moody, Editors-esque vocals and guitars give this a classy feel but it's hard to get away from that bass line and the crashing drums that follow you round the room like the eyes of locals when you walk in to a small town bar on your own on a Saturday night. Menacing, malevolent and bristling with paranoid intent, Slow Riot have captured the essence of a walk home alone along dark streets in the early hours but I'll leave it up to you decide whether you will get home safe or not....

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