Rock-Criminals - Clock Is Tickin' 
Rock-Criminals - Clock Is Tickin'

Release Date: Out Now

Ready for some punk rock from four Finnish teenagers that go by the name Rock-Criminals? I thought you would be. Rock-Criminals are fairly elusive online but their single, 'Clock Is Tickin'' is four and a half minutes of noisy, angry punk rock with chunky riffs and a rolling drums. These aren't the most original or hair raising group of lads around but they are full of youthful vim and vigour as well as a fair amount of spunk, snot and sneer. They also have a drummer with a kit that should belong in a metal band (I mean, double bass drum in a punk band? I don't think so) and a look that suggests they were raised on a steady diet of 70s punk bands. Rock-Criminals are a band just starting out so there's more to come but their attitude is right and their style is on the money so let's hope they start spewing out a few more songs.

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