Naives - Horizon (Le Peau Records) 
Naives - Horizon

Release Date: Out Now

Electro-pop seems to be reaching its zenith at the moment and there are a slew of bands chancing their arm at the genre with London chancers Naives being the latest to pop their heads up and try to get noticed. New single 'Horizon' has a certain charm about it with various electronic sounds buzzing around your head and some clicky, itchy beats scattered all over the place. The vocals are in the Everything Everything and Years & Years sphere which adds a certain class and there is certainly a summery, light feel to the tune. The only problem for me is that I was left feeling a bit disorientated as though I had been kidnapped, blindfolded and then woke up naked in a tropical aviary. This is all very well but I have a mild fear of birds and a stronger fear of waking up naked in aviaries so, y'know, I kinda feel a bit icky now. Loving the Noel's House Party inspired artwork though.

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8th August - Mau Mau Bar, London