Kitty Finer - Girls In The Garage 
Kitty Finer - Girls In The Garage

Release Date: Out Now

There are some famous connections to the stupendous Kitty Finer but I want to discuss the music with you first. This new single, 'Girls In The Garage', starts off with a fairly innocuous riff but Finer's smoky vocals and a clicky beat give this a kind of a Jona Lewie vibe (more 'In The Kitchen At Parties' than 'Stop The Cavalry'). As the horns sashay in and a ska rhythm makes an appearance you can't help but get swept up on Finer's repeated plea to "Just Dance". This is the kind of lo-fi, understated song that will be a cult classic in years to come whether Finer goes on to huge acclaim or not....and she should. Oh, and those famous connections? Kitty is the daughter of Pogues founding member Jem Finer and the video for this track was directed by Gina Birch of the vastly overlooked and underrated Raincoats. The song isn't improved by these facts but it's fun to uncover trivia.

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