Hanshotfirst - We Fall Down (Rose Coloured Records) 
Hanshotfirst - We Fall Down

Release Date: Out Now

"Surrey's most promising rock band" is how the press release for this band starts and I can't help but feel this is setting the band's ambitions a little low. I mean, not even the best band, not even the best rock band, just the most promising rock band....in Surrey. Still, promising is promising so why don't we give them a listen, eh? 'We Fall Down' starts like a moody, boy band ballad with sparse piano and some airy vocals and continues that way for nearly three minutes before finally starting to build a crescendo of guitars, epic drums and Snow Patrol flare waving in the video. There is a swelling rock beauty to this track that is undeniable but I have to say that I think this would work better as a mid album track as it takes a little long to get going as a single. Nevertheless, it does show promise so, y'know, that's promising.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/HanshotfirstUK

Listen Here: https://hanshotfirstofficial.bandcamp.com/

Watch The Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/user/HanShotFirstOfficial