Escapists - Eat You Alive 
Escapists - Eat You Alive

Release Date: 20th July 2015

Slightly creepy artwork aside, London quartet Escapists' new single 'Eat You Alive' is a slow burner of a tune as eery synths slowly build until they are chopped down by a guitar riff that is as much Muse as it is the Killers. The vocals, although fitting, are a little low in the mix for my liking as the poppy, twitchy guitars overpower things slightly but a snappy beat keeps things going. There's a frenetic guitar solo in the middle eight but otherwise this song could do with another idea to make it stand out a little more. The disco-indie-pop thing is good fun but if this came on the radio I think I'd forget it before the next song had even reached the first chorus.

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