Copywrite - Philophobia 
Copywrite - Philophobia

Release Date: Out Now

I like to think I have pretty eclectic tastes and, as such, I tend to find musical kinship in the slivers of the Venn diagram that I share with other people. Then there comes a band like Australian combo Copywrite who state their influences on Facebook (and I'm not cherry picking here, this is the full list) as Radiohead, Talking Heads, Queens Of The Stoneage, Swans, Massive Attack, Interpol, Tool, Bjork, Silverchair, First Aid Kit and Kimbra. I know, right? Amazeballs doesn't even cover it. I got the same feeling the first time I saw a girl laughing at Family Guy and realised it wasn't just a guy thing. So, I've already got a bit of a band crush on Copywrite and I haven't heard a note yet. Dangerous. This, the band's debut single 'Philophobia', is about the fear of falling in love and is an endearingly lo-fi indie number with skin-of-the-teeth  guitar picking and dusky, sultry vocals courtesy of the Justine Frischmann-esque vocals of Luna. The influences are all in there from QOTSAs fuck you cool to the down tempo beauty of Massive Attack and the seductive style of Kimbra. Sure it's raw and unpolished but the beauty shines through and I can't help but feel that there is more to come from the platform these guys have built themselves. Strong stuff for a debut.

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