Calum Foad - MeMeMe 
Calum Foad - MeMeMe

Release Date: 13th July 2015

Now, on paper, I was not sure I was going to have much time for this track. The press kit described this as 'quirk pop' from Reading based singer-songwriter Calum Foad and, well, look at him - he's the kind of guy designed to make other guys feel a little bit shit about themselves and their lack of gym time. Still, I'm never one to judge a book by its cover, so I nervously pressed play on new single 'Me Me Me'. Sure, it is pop and there is an element of quirk to it - if by quirk you mean Reggae beats and a slightly thin production quality - but what immediately shines through is Foad's ability to string together a witty lyric and deliver it with a certain charm. The winning moment f the song, however, is when you realise that this is an uber-thinly veiled attack on those people (you know who they are) who update every little minute detail of their mundane lives on social media until you either want to kill them or find yourself worrying that you don't know what cereal they had for breakfast and, therefore, they may have just collapsed and died under the weight of their own self importance. So well done Calum, possibly the most interesting thing to come out of Reading since the First Great Western train to Cornwall but I reckon there is some room for improvement if Calum could add a little more edge and bite. Worth keeping an eye on it.

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