Cairobi - Gristly Words (Week Of Wonders) 
Cairobi - Gristly Words

Release Date: Out Now

'Gristly Words' is one of the best single titles I've come across in a long while and the opening to this track from London based Cairobi is equally refreshing. The band seemingly tumble down some stairs like a slinky being produced by Django Django before a San Francisco summer of love vibe kicks in, chivvied along by a skittish drum beat. The spaced out vocals and woozy guitars layer up and up and up until they disappear in to the blue sky to be scorched by the high noon sunshine. The arrangements on this single keep you guessing and the production quality is either wonderfully lo-fi or expertly simplistic but either way it works superbly. I'm struggling to draw comparisons which is always a plus point and the only conclusion I can draw is that these guys are pushing at some new doors with a few old ideas and I can only support that with every bone in my body. Bravo, Cairobi, bravo indeed.

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