Anna Zed - Under The Water 
Anna Zed - Under The Water

Release Date: Out Now

Greek born, New York based and with British heritage , Anna Zed certainly has an intriguing back story but that doesn't always make for the most intriguing music. Zed's new single, 'Under The Water' begins with a bit of Clapton-esque noodling from our heroine before a dubby beat and Zed's sultry vocals join in to create a whole new atmosphere. Weirdly, the bulging bass lines and floaty guitar work does have a particularly watery feel which makes things sound as though you are actually hearing them from under water (or at least you've got your ears under the water line in the bath). As a single, this does pique the imagination but I can't help but feel this is more of an album track and would bet that there is a greater creativity to come from this artist. That said, this is a wonderfully chilled out and floaty track that you can just drift away to on a summer's day as long as you're wearing your arm bands.

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