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Amber Leaves - Heaven

Amber Leaves - Heaven

Release Date: 20th July 2015

Normally, when a troupe of white guys rock up professing to play indie funk I would run a mile. Well, not run, I'm not a runner, but at least amble or mosey at the very least. Fortunately for London combo Amber Leaves, their new single hit my ears before their press release hit my eyes. Sure, 'Heaven' starts like an edgy 80s pop hit from Nik Kershaw but a smooth caramel bass line, itchy guitars and drums with a real snap to them soon have the reluctant dancers emerging from the shadows. Throw in some swoony, croony vocals and you suddenly find yourself in between Hot Chip and Transformer with a tight pair of jeans and shoulders that just won't stay still. Amber Leaves are one of the more danceable indie bands to have arrived in my ears for a while and the raunchy guitars of the instrumental middle eight just seals the deal. Before I know it I'm throwing my panties at Soundcloud and shrieking like a teenage Beatles fan in a converted 60s cinema. Sexy stuff.

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Live Dates:

19th July - Single Launch @ Sebright Arms, London
1st August - Farm Fest, Gatcombe

10th October - The Borderline, London

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