Why Everyone Left - Pack Your Shit 
Why Everyone Left - Pack Your Shit

Release Date: Out Now

Any band that has a video which starts in an old school video game arcade is OK by me. And any band which is made of five guys called Enzo, Lorenzo, Luca, Luca and Luca is even better. So when I got the new single from Modena quintet Why Everyone Left entitled 'Pack Your Shit' I was 99% sure that I would be in favour of this single. And indeed I am. We're talking fast, furious, full on guitar riffs and giant floating Pac Man ghosts and if that doesn't float your boat then I don't really want to know you. Sorry. The groove in the riff is immense and the drums hit you right in the rib cage in just the way I like it. The other bonus with this band is that there isn't an over reliance on massive beards or extensive tattoos which makes for a nice change. In all seriousness though, these guys should make their way over to the US or the UK and get on the hardcore tour circuit - and bring the Pac Man ghosts.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/whyeveryoneleft

Watch The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJS6i-2G8uE