Gleam - Fake 
Gleam - Fake

Release Date: Out Now

There is a dreamy, blissed-out quality to Birmingham's Gleam that has me in raptures from the opening chords. New single 'Fake' is chock full of pile-driver guitars covered in delay as well as some glass chattering cymbal action but when the smooth vocals of Jake Bellwood stitch it all together then you can't help but follow that talking rabbit down the burrow. This takes me back to the vastly underrated Mainstream and Redwood as well as some of the very early Feeder material  but with those 70s psychedelic influences worn proudly on the puffy sleeves of their voluminous shirts. This is expansive British indie the likes of which isn't seen much these days what with the obsession with clipped, neat indie-pop songs on the alternative scene. This is far more akin to the Stone Roses or the Verve than Years & Years or Foals which, as far as I'm concerned, is a welcome change from the status quo (without sounding anything like the actual Status Quo).

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