White Birches - You Will Find A Fire 
White Birches - You Will Find A Fire

Release Date: Out Now

Swedish duo White Birches speak to the child in me with the retro video for their new single 'You Will Find A Fire'. The tune itself speaks to the part of me that wants to be a moody detective in an 80s film, cruising the streets late at night to a menacing soundtrack looking for trouble makers. The gently throbbing synths and moody, disco influenced vocals take you on a journey that is at once timeless and utterly modern. Jenny Gabrielsson Mare's vocals are cold and atmospheric which is enough to make me a fan but then the fact that she created the video as well just makes me fall a little bit in love with her. I mean, a moody, disco inspired heroine with an interest in retro computer games and animation? I'm sold.

More information: http://www.whitebirches.se/

Watch The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw5gZV6Ad18

Live Dates:

15th May - Havremagasinet, Boden
16th May - FG7, Lulea

11th July - Bakgardsfestivalen, Arvika