The Almighty Rhombus - Down South 
The Almighty Rhombus - Down South

Release Date: Out Now

Well look at this dapper bunch of Canadian chaps and chapesses!?! It's like a scene from the Breakfast Club but before they made it more gritty. New single from Canadian eccentrics The Almighty Rhombus, 'Down South', is a sub three minute masterclass in scuzzy pop punk with attitude and flair. Somewhere between the Stooges, the Killers, the Flaming Lips and Young Knives, The Almighty Rhombus are a whole lot of fun and the ace video that accompanies this single only serves to confirm that. So, if you like you're music fun, to the point and full of energy then The Almighty Rhombus might just be the band for you. You also might like to cut down on the Red Bull and stop watching TV at 3.00am. Just a hunch.

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Live Dates:

11th May - Reflections Cabaret, Halifax
13th May - Bar Le Deck, Edmunston
14th May - Gus' Pub & Grill, Halifax
15th May - Pressed, Ottawa
16th May - House Show, Ottawa
17th May - L'Esogriffe, Montreal
20th May - The Mansion, Kingston
21st May - Wasted Space, Oshawa
22nd May - Rum Runners, London ON

23rd May - The Train Station, Brantford