Only Sun - Only Sun EP (285 Records) 
Only Sun - Only Sun EP

Release Date: Out Now

I've had this EP in my inbox for a while and without listening to it I knew I wanted to check it out. Don't ask me why, there was just something about the artwork and the way the band sold themselves to me that peaked my interest. This debut EP from the High Wycombe quartet opens with 'What We Started' and I'm instantly gratified. Thumping drums and low slung, grungey guitars are blended with an indie-pop sensibility and the feeling that you're speeding through the city at night with the car stereo turned up high. 'Dawn (Part Two)' takes the pace down a few notches with a desolate low guitar chord progression along with some Bastille meets Editors vibes that build slowly and epically in to an anthemic sound that make me yearn for the much missed The B Of The Bang. By the time this song explodes you only need to close your eyes to see the slow motion crowd scenes of a summer BBC montage with smiling faces crammed in to a tent somewhere in the English countryside.

The second half of the EP starts with the Dutch Uncles-esque 'Take Care' that layers weaving guitars, rapid fire vocals and skipping drums to channel the spirit of Young Knives and Everything Everything. Final track, 'Impact Of Innovation', is a darker, more forceful tune that you just want to lose yourself in on a Friday night after a long week of shuffling paper round an office for people that you never meet or even speak to. Only Sun are one of those bands that have grasped exactly what it means to make quality tunes and then infuse that with all the frustration and energy of modern living which makes for a fantastic listening experience. I can't help but feeling, though, that these guys must explode on the live stage as all of that energy comes bubbling to the surface. Definitely ones to keep an eye on.

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