Moodblanc - Over (100 Songs) 
Moodblanc - Over

Release Date: Out Now

Is Nu-Disco a thing? I've heard of Nu-Metal but not Nu-Disco. Apparently, though, Nu-Disco is now a thing and Swedish duo Moodblanc are carving out a niche in Nu-Disco. Have I said Nu-Disco enough? No? Nu-Disco. Anyway, 'Over' is the new single coming out on the ever excellent 100 Songs label and it's an odd juxtaposition. On the one hand, you have the late night disco grooves played out over the top of some clicky beats and a smattering of early 80s disco melodies. But then, on the other white-gloved hand, you've got the vocals of a hungover LCD Soundsystem mumbling away in the corner of the nightclub. If this is Nu-Disco then I can get on board. It beats the hell out of Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach any day.

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