Hey Bulldog - Makin' Friends Not Millionaires 
Hey Bulldog - Makin' Friends Not Millionaires

Release Date: Out Now

Manchester trio Hey Bulldog have a ballsy new single for your ears....that sounded better in my head but I'm not suggesting they put their balls in your ears. Unless you want that? No? OK, fair enough. Anyway, 'Makin Friends Not Millionaires' is ballsy from the get go as dirty, muddy guitars ride on the crest of a wave formed of crashing cymbals and rifled drums. When the vocals kick in there's a real Charlatans meets Dutch Uncles vibe going on but boy oh boy do those guitars keep on coming at you? I don't think I can remember the last time I heard a tune with such persistent, almost nagging guitars that force their way under your skin to infect every part of your being from the distorted drone to the slide notes. There is a real movement in the UK at the moment for tight guitar bands embracing the psyche sound and giving it an injection of fuel which may or may not be whisky based. Love this song and, given half a chance, will probably love this band. And their balls.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/heybulldogmusic?fref=ts

Live Dates:

24th May - Chorlton Arts Festival, Manchester w/Vinny Peculiar + The Yellhounds + Mamma Moonshine

13th June - Manchester Psych Fest @ Night & Day Cafe, Manchester w/July + The Lucid Dream + The Sundowners + Black Tambourines + White Noise Sound + Crocodiles