Ghost Bones - Nape Of My Neck/Sleep Creeps 
Ghost Bones - Nape Of My Neck/Sleep Creeps

Release Date: Out Now

Ghost Bones - great band name - are from Hot Springs Arkansas - great place name. So far, they've got the naming thing down to a fine art.  This two track single starts with 'Nape Of My Neck' (intriguing name, one of the few songs to feature the word nape I would imagine) and immediately you're hit with the sheer force of attitude that fuels this song. An urgent, alarming guitar riff channels a dark, punk spirit while the bass growls and the vocals spit bile and sneer with disdain. Somewhere between Reuben, early No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins and Bikini Kill is where Ghost Bones exist which is, let's face it, an amazing place to inhabit. 'Sleep Creeps' has a more art house feel to it as the expressive guitars tip toe around a dark room before the vocals shriek from the corner as if mentally distorted by something that can't be unseen. Ghost Bones are the kind of band that draw you in, then make you feel a bit sick inside but you still meet them out back after the show before blacking out and waking up in a loft apartment with a new tattoo and a confused smile on your face.

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Live Dates:

23rd May - Riverfest, Little Rock
9th June - White Water Tavern, Little Rock
12th June - Maxine's, Hot Springs
19th June - Murphy's, Memphis
20th June - The Blind Pig, Oxford
21st June - The Boxer  The Barrel, Houma
22nd June - Brett's Basement, Shreveport
23rd June - Black Barbie, Houston
24th June - The Riddle Gallery, Bryan
25th June - Three Links, Dallas
26th June - Cheer Up Charlies, Austin
27th June - Paper Tiger, San Antonio

28th June - Mesa Music Hall, El Paso


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