Bouzouki Lukey - Leave The Door Ajar 
Bouzouki Lukey - Leave The Door Ajar

Release Date: Out Now

A boy from Belfast belting out ballads on a bouzouki you say? Why the hell not. Bouzouki Lukey (see what he's done there) specialises in that most folkish of instruments, the bouzouki, but in 'Leave The Door Ajar' he also has classically catchy folk tune to back it up with. Think Mumford & Sons in an upbeat mood, the Bluebells but more up to date or David Kitt the day after he's fallen in love for the first time. The bouzouki is an emotional and evocative instrument at the best of times but throw in the lovelorn voice of our Lukey and you'll find yourself staring wistfully in to the middle distance across a field of corn....which will be difficult for those of you reading this in an inner city location but, y'know, suspend reality for a few minutes why don't you?

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