Blacklist Union - Alive N Well Smack In The Middle Of Hell (BLU Records) 
Blacklist Union - Alive N Well Smack In the Middle Of Hell

Release Date: Out Now

When you call a single 'Alive n Well Smack In The Middle Of Hell' there's very little chance that you're going to be producing music to be played out on a Banjo or featuring a young chorister. No, LA rockers Blacklist Union are not for the faint hearted or lily livered as they kick in with a riff that is part ACDC, part Buckcherry and a whole lot of fun. This is sleazy, snarling, balls on fire rock'n'roll with that shiny LA gleam to it that makes the vocals sound like Steven Tyler and the guitars wail like Slash is at the helm. If you like your rock'n'roll big, loud and completely unashamed that it's wearing an Indian Chief's head dress on stage then Blacklist Union are for you. Get thee to a mosh pit.

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