Violent Femmes - Love Love Love Love Love 
Violent Femmes - Love Love Love Love Love

Release Date: 18th April 2015

Violent Femmes were one of those bands that formed the soundtrack of my teenage years with a smattering of songs but I confess I never really delved in to their full catalogue of work so I'm glad to have the opportunity to scratch a little deeper below the surface of this near legendary band. The repetitively titled 'Love Love Love Love Love' (that's Love x 5 in case your counting is not so hot) opens without any fanfare or introduction but a moody, dramatic acoustic chord and those charismatic vocals that we all know and love. Some chunky horns and a shuffling, Latino beat give this tune a real From Dusk Till Dawn vibe but with a There's Something About Mary sense of dry humour. This is the band's first new material in 15 years and they have managed to maintain their style as well as a sound that fits in with the lo-fi indie vibes that are getting so much air time at the moment. Oh, and it all finishes off with a sultry saxophone solo that snake-hipped bossa nova groove. Welcome back, gentlemen, we missed you.

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Live Dates:

22nd May - Summer Camp Music Festival, Chillicothe
5th June - The LC Pavilion, Columbus

+ on tour with Barenaked Ladies pretty much all summer in the USA