Van Dammes - Better Than Sex EP (VILD Recordings) 
Van Dammes - Better Than Sex

Release Date: Out Now

Garage-Punk coming straight outta Helsinki having been originally formed in Brussels, anyone? Oh you better say yes! Van Dammes are a bunch of Finnish boys who know how to have fun with six strings and a bunch of tubs to thump. The opening track of this new EP, 'Vesna', is a shouty, thrashy, distorted tour de force of a garage tune with a sweet melody running through the middle and a bass line that seems to be the bastard child of a distorted bass guitar and a really cheap, early synth sound. 'At The Drive In' is more Ramones than, y'know, At The Drive-In - all one minute and sixteen seconds of its sweaty, sneering existence. Sounding like something between Fungus and Liam Lynch, 'Frank Tower' is up next and blasts through the airwaves like an uncontrollable juggernaut covered in leather, grease and cigarette smoke. Final track 'I Don't Know' is a piece of punk infused defiance with that fantastic bass sound making a welcome return for our aural delight. This EP is titled better than sex and it's pretty damn good but I think that might be a bit of a stretch - it's probably slightly quicker than sex though which is worrying in a whole lot of ways....

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