Token Joker - Ride The Train 
Token Joker - Ride The Train

Release Date: Out Now

I have to admit to seeing the name of this band around the pages of the Westcountry music press and assuming they were a God awful covers band trotting out Oasis covers and bad versions of Guns'n'Roses songs. I was wrong. In fact, the Dawlish sextet (in every sense of the word) are in fact a snarling, throbbing, crotch grabbing rock'n'roll beast hell bent on causing havoc. 'Ride The Train' is not the finished article by any stretch of the imagination but the guitars are powerful, the drums thump and the bass drives it all along in the way you would expect from a rock'n'roll band. Add in the powerful vocals of Leon Walsh and you're looking at the full package which comes to fruition with the Black Keys-esque 'woohoos' in the chorus on top of the power riffs. Some better lyrics, some nice organ and maybe draft in some female backing vocals for the studio and these guys could combine their raw rock power with a more soulful sound to make something really energetic and sweat inducing. I don't use the phrase often but definitely ones to watch.

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Live Dates:

18th April - Bridgwater
30th May - Cavern, Exeter
26th June - Bridgwater

11th July - Glasdenbury