Public - Heartbeating 
Public - Heartbeating

Release Date: Out Now

Holding my hands up here, when I saw this picture of the trio Public I immediately assumed they were an East European boyband preparing to launch an attack on the Eurovision throne. Instead, what we have here is an indie-pop trio from Cincinnati with their new single 'Heartbeating' and it sits right on the borderline between fun and awful. Think Mika, the Feeling, Kylie, 80s guitars and 50s songwriting all rolled up in a sugar fuelled piece of super pumped pop. We're talking hand claps, impromptu pogoing and hoards of excited fans jumping screaming every word along with the band. I'm still undecided which side I fall down on but you can't help but be impressed by Public's energy, slickness and, well, peppiness. The only thing missing from this song is a bunch of cheerleaders with perma-smiles throwing a few 'woohoos' in during the chorus.

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