Musique Le Pop - Same About You (Cafe Superstar Recordings) 
Musique Le Pop - Same About You

Release Date: Out Now

Time for a little bit of Norwegian electronic indie now as we revisit trio Musique Le Pop and their new single, 'Same About You'. As far as singles go this one is pretty brave in that it takes a good 40 seconds before the atmospheric melodies develop in to anything but once that journey is underway there's no stopping them. Imagine St Etienne or Everything But The Girl with a Scandinavian edge and a sense of fun and you're getting close but it's the dreamy, half-light vocals of Elisabeth Thorsen that really sets this song aside as something a little bit special. There is also a remix of the single by the wonderfully named Safariari which makes the tune even more chilled out and blissful if that were humanly possible. Definitely an act worth keeping an eye on but maybe from a distance, they're based in Norway, after all, and I hear tell that it's pretty cold over there. Beautiful, but cold.

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