Many things - Holy Fire 
Many Things - Holy Fire

Release Date: 20th April 2015

I like to think that the story behind this band's name is purely to enable them to respond to any snooty music snobs who ask "who are you then?" with the enigmatic response " we are Many Things.....". That might not be true but let's just imagine it is, shall we? This new single from the London trio is, well, it's absolutely gorgeous. Full of 80s pomposity, 90s indie cool and a 21st century approach to genre melding, 'Holy Fire' has the feeling of a modern classic about it. Michael Tomlinson's deep, rich vocal slathers the looped piano and guitar refrain like syrup pooling in the square dimples of a freshly toasted waffle and it's all I can do to stop myself from taking a big, sumptuous chomp. the video is bonkers but matches the ambition of the song perfectly. If there is any justice in the music world then these guys will have a long and fruitful future in the vein of the Arcade Fire or the Flaming Lips. I can but hope.

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20th April - Single Launch @ The Lexington, London