Maiians - Sionara 
Maiians - Sioanara

Release Date: 20th April 2015

I like these guys for two reasons before I've even heard a note. Firstly, they have two drummers and any band with two drummers is OK in my book. Secondly, the have two 'i's in their name and I love a word with a double 'i' in it. Like skiing. Or radii. Anyway, I digress, these Oxford boys have a new single about to drop, as the kids say, and it's a bit of a beauty. 'Sionara' is a meaty slice of electronica  that starts with a woozy, ethereal chord and a subtle, clicky beat that builds with the layering up of synth sounds and some more organic percussion. This is a six minute single so it's no surprise that the track takes a while to fully kick in but you can imagine the tension building in a live environment until the hook drops on two minutes and the beat starts to stomp. 'Sionara' is one of those songs that builds and builds like a mix between some supreme Stoner Rock, Radiohead in full wig-out mode and Lemon Jelly on the buttons all playing a huge tent at Glastonbury as the sunset creeps in through the tarp. This is seriously glorious stuff, life affirming sounds and a righteous crescendo but I have a sneaking suspicion that this is only the tip of the iceberg where the iceberg represents the live show. So, to sum up: Skiing, two drummers, awesome tune, iceberg. Done.

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Live Dates:

17th April - The Bullingdon, Oxford
18th April - Are You Listening? Festival, Reading

21st April - The Lexington, London