Josh Dst - Buzz (Baeble Music) 
Josh Dst - Buzz

Release Date: Out Now

Just to clarify, the Dst in this artist's name is pronounced 'dust' and, as Marjorie Dawes once said, 'I love a bit of dust'. Whatever you want to call him, Josh Dst's new single 'Buzz' is a real woozy, slow jam that is in equal parts sexy and heartbroken which is slightly unsettling but the beat and slow, smooth organ chords make this an altogether enticing experience. This is the music that soundtracks that strange, joyous euphoria you get from wallowing in your own despair following a tragic breakup - bittersweet but more addictive than crack laced cigarettes. Josh Dst has got the soul that R'n'B has been missing for so long so put on your sweat pants, open a bag of M&Ms and get your wallow on.

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