Gentian - Night Light 
Gentian - Night Light

Release Date: Out Now

Gentian are a pair of sisters from Devon who are inexplicably named Jingle and DD. Parents can be cruel when it comes to names, I should know, but this seems to be a particularly extreme case of child cruelty. No matter, the sisters have risen above this slight from their parents and dressed up as extras from the 'Addicted To Love' video. to get their own back. On this new single, 'Night Light', the twin vocal harmonies twist and turn around a delicate acoustic and piano melody with subtle but powerful effect. There is a folkish tinge to the music but also a dark, almost Scandinavian edge to the melodies and subdued vocals that put you in mind of First Aid Kit at their darkest. As the strings seep in to the song you can imagine this track having a video filmed in a foggy enclave with druids and Nick Cave directing with a macabre smirk on his face. I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the maturity, intricacy and intelligence of this track regardless of the dubious names and costume choices.

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