Ellen Sundberg - Vagen Ar Lang (The Road Is Long) (Rootsy Label) 
Ellen Sundberg - Vagen Ar Lang (The Road Is Long)

Release Date: Out Now

Swedish soloist Ellen Sundberg is releasing a new, bilingual single for your ears and your mind to wrap around.  'Vagen Ar Lang (The Road Is Long)' is warm blanket of countrified Americana smothered in lap steel guitar, the First Aid Kit-esque vocal stylings of Ms Sundberg and the kind of peppiness that you normally only get from teen pop starlets. The purity of this music is as refreshing as water straight from a mountain stream and whether that water is Swedish or American is kind of irrelevant - you just need to fully immerse yourself in it.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/ellensundbergartist?fref=ts

Listen Here: https://rootsy.bandcamp.com/track/v-gen-r-l-ng-the-road-is-long

Live Dates:

29th April - Immanuelskyrkan, Halmstad
30th April - Kajskjulet, Halmstad
2nd May - Mastis, Kristinehamn
5th May - Ole Bull, Bergen

9th May - Facienda, Strangnas