Coquin Migale - Gold (End Of The Trail Records) 
Coquin Magale - Gold

Release Date: 20th April 2015

Four lads, from Newcastle, making indie guitar pop. Nothing exceptional there but then it all gets a little bit interesting. You see, the world and it's wife are falling over themselves to get a piece of these lads and, well, that just doesn't happen anymore. So, what is all the fuss about then? Well, new single 'Gold' is a bouncy, hectic piece of art-pop that flails around the air like a drunk and entirely self absorbed lone dancer at an indie disco. "Apologies, Dutch Uncles, I stepped on your toes", "Ooops, sorry Maccabees, didn't mean to spill your pint", "Oh, Futureheads, wicked. Glad you're here" and "Where are my best pals Kobadelta and Bernaccia?". In all seriousness, this is a delightful piece of indie noise that is perfectly balanced between a light airiness and the weight of expectation that surely sits on the shoulders of the band. Big things look likely for these guys and maybe, just maybe, we're getting back to a world where craft and originality are floating to the surface again.

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Live Dates:

18th April - The Cluny, Newcastle
20th April - Single launch @ The Head Of Steam, Newcastle
1st May - Think Tank, Newcastle

23rd May - Evolution Emerging @ The Cluny, Newcastle