Blonde Maze - Summer Rain 
Blonde Maze - Summer Rain

Release Date: Out Now

There's always been a strange, unshakable link between the cities of New York and London that has run through the core of most genres. New York electronica producer Blonde Maze (Amanda to her dry cleaner) has written a collection of material bridging the physical and cultural gap between the two metropolises (not metropoli, I totally checked). 'Summer Rain' is one of the tunes from this collection and there is a whole EP to follow. The woozy, stuttering start catches you off guard but soon a sultry, dusky groove settles in with soft vocals that put me in mind of early Morcheeba, Boards of Canada or Sneaker Pimps tracks in a very good way. This is real  come-down music that should be listened to while watching the city lights come on while you sit high up in a glass walled apartment. As the song chimes to a close, you can't help but be relaxed by the four and a half minutes of bliss you have just experienced - whichever side of the Atlantic you are on.

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