The Cathode Ray - Resist (Stereogram Recordings) 
The Cathode Ray - Resist

Release Date: Out Now

Four guys from Edinburgh have popped up in my inbox under the name The Cathode Ray and they have a new single for your ears and mine - whether you like it or not. 'Resist' is said single and despite being only two and a quarter minutes long it is a delightful indie-pop-punk romp. Bouncy guitars, a poppy bass line and the kind of drums that should be played by a monkey with ADHD all combine to create a song that, if it were one of your friends, would be the really annoying, insistent one who repeats the same joke over and over again until you punch them in the face. You know who I'm talking about.....Ian. Think Midget mixed with Space and a bit of early Super Furry Animals as produced by Jedward going through an alternative phase sponsored by Lucozade. It's more hyper than that.

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