Sister Wanzala - Bad Brains 
Sister Wanzala - Single Review

Release Date: Out Now

Sister Wanzala might well be my new favourite band. To qualify, their music is pretty good but it's more the way they present themselves that appeals. The three brothers Wanzala-Ryan that make up the entirety of Sister Wanzala are pretty much unknown (only five likes on the Facebook page for the love of God) but their new track, 'Bad Brains', is a delight of woozy guitars, Nick Cave meets Tom Waits vocals and a gently probing bass line. They describe themselves as making 'Dance music for those who hate dancing by three boys who can't dance' and clearly state in their email pitch that they have emailed every address they can find so I (and by extension, you) should not feel remotely. The point is, their music is downbeat, sparse and thoroughly chilled indie pop that you should pop on the second that first post-pub spliff is lit as you settle down watch Tarantino films with the sound off. Pass it to the left man.

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