Scarlet Baxter - Down With It 
Scarlet Baxter - Down With It

Release Date: 23rd March 2015

London pop hopeful Scarlet Baxter looks like she is the product of two loved up and blissed out 90s ravers who got a little too handsy after missing their ride home one night. Ms Baxter has taken a different musical direction to mum and dad though and 'Down With It' is perfect evidence of that. Sounding like a rough mix of a Jessie J song, this latest single is full of hand claps, funky guitars and whole host of lyrics that don't make an awful lot of sense but then that's not really the point of this song. If Baxter had one the Voice or X Factor and this was her 2nd or 3rd single then you wouldn't be surprised at all so it's actually quite impressive the singer and her writing partner Dominic Ireland have come up with something as good as Cowell's group of market researchers...sorry, songwriters would come up with. This has a sassy rhythm, Baxter's voice is sexy and sultry and it has a sense of fun so, all in all, it's a pretty good pop song.

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