Light Brigade - Amber 
Light Brigade - Amber

Release Date: Out Now

A very honest email popped in my inbox from these four Arundel lads asking for exposure, support or constructive criticism. No bumph, no PR waffle and no hype. I can feel my taste buds being refreshed already. This new track, 'Amber', starts off like Primal Scream, Muse and Kasabian jamming in a basement full of preserved brains and a dodgy electrical connection. A brooding, menacing verse soon gives way to an ominous chorus fuelled by huge organ chops and a pounding, relentless beat. This is marvellously dark, sexy stuff that serial killers all over the land will be downloading to soundtrack their nefarious shenanigans. Imagine the swagger of the Doors, the heart of Nick Cave and the darker moments of Franz Ferdinand's indie pop all sewn together with guitar strings and microphone cable to create some confusingly arousing monster. Picturing that? Good. Enjoy....

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19th March - The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

12th April - The Mesmerist, Brighton