Failure Machine - Ain't Shit (Wiener Records) 
Failure Machine Ain't Shit

Release Date: Out Now

Ah, my Reno boys. These are good boys. These boys are good to their mama. And to your ears. Failure Machine are firm favourites on this humble blog and their prolific output is always welcome but I do worry that each new missive will let me down. Not so. This limited edition cassette EP kicks out the early jams with a fuzzy, scuzzy mash up of Neil Young's 'I'm The Ocean' and Buddy Miles' 'Them Changes' covered in thick, gooey saxophone and powered by the distilled sweat of James Brown and the work ethic of Bruce Springsteen. God damn these guys have got soul in spades and the world needs to hear them roar through whatever medium it takes. Spencer and Clint are the brains and brawn behind this operation but the arranged gaggle of supporting cast only serve to add to the raw sexual power.

The other two tracks on this latest offering begin with 'Backwards', a cover of their peers' El Camino Sutra and I don't know the original but the looseness, gravelly vocals and intensity with which the song is delivered makes you want to be within sweat drenching distance of this performance - preferably in the basement of a dive bar in Reno. 'I Can See You're Leaving Me' is the final track and, as far as I'm aware, is an original tune. This is end of the night, encore for the masses stuff with a simple but rampant JSBX riff chugging away underneath aspirational riffs before descending in to hand claps, cowbell and then a Blues Brother style finale - all in just over two minutes of meaty punk'n'garage'n'soul. Just imagine what that double team could accomplish in the bedroom....! Tantalising, isn't it?

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27th March - EP Release Party @ Shea's Tavern, Somewhere in Reno.